Joy For Nepal

"Joy for Nepal" was a donation campaign initiated by Romanian alpinist Alex Gavan and Oma Vision as a reaction to the 2015 earthquake. Publicity materials were created using illustrations with art director Solène Cesbron. TV SPOT Copywriting * Serban Alexandrescu Illustration * Tuan Nini Animation * Anna Florea Music and Sound * Serban Ilicevici Audio Recording * Alex Tuhut with OMA Vision

Statement from mountaineer Alex Gavan "It is our response to the earthquakes in Nepal. We refuse to let people of Nepal surrender to death, destruction and despair. We raise money to help some of the most isolated and affected people in Nepal to rebuild their lives. We want them to rekindle joy, trust and hope. We enrol people in Romania and around the world to make a contribution. We know how powerful sharing joy and compassion with people in need can be. No earthquake can destroy kindness."
Copywriting * Serban Alexandrescu
Illustration * Tuan Nini
Animation * Anna Florea
Music and Sound * Serban Ilicevici
Audio Recording  * Alex Tuhut
with OMA Vision
-----Frame stills-----
-----Poster illustration-----
The campaign was a success, a total of 100,000 euros were donated for the cause!
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